AIIJ Receives Computers From NSSF

Journalism is the torch to the society as creates scenarios for inward looking to all the stakeholders through going to the core of the societal problems in health, politics, and the economy. This notwithstanding Investigative journalism has proved a potent weapon for helping change policies, bringing to book those that antagonize the public order and shined a special light down the path of a society that is better for everyone. The National Social Security Fund besides its official mandatory duty of enabling people plan for retirement as a statutory role, understands and appreciates the critical role that journalism does in society and thus continues to be socially responsible in a number of ways. Through its corporate social responsibility like NSSF friends with Benefits, among others to uplift the standards of life for the Ugandans. As a deliberate effort to improve the lives of Ugandans through the use of investigative journalism. The NSSF on 31st August 2020 kickstarted the month of the African Institute for Investigative Journalism with a smile through donating Laptops to support the cause of good journalism and in-depth story telling. The donation came in as part of the Funds Corporate Social Responsibility plan to allow the center easily facilitate the process of investigative story telling. The donation was handed over by Babra Teddy Arimi the head of Marketing at NSSF at the ceremony that was graced by the different people at the NSSF including Victor Karamaji the Public Relations manager at NSSF .The Executive Director of the African Institute for Investigative Journalism Solomon Serwanjja received the donation on behalf of the Institute at the event where he commended the management of NSSF for seeing good in investigative journalism and supporting the institute to continue doing the work of capacity building,mentorship,litigation, and giving grants to the young investigative journalists as a deliberate effort to build the next generation of investigative journalism . NSSF thanked the Executive Director of the Institute for making Uganda proud by winning the Komla Dumor BBC award of 2019 and continuing to raise Uganda’s journalism banner to the world .In the same regard, encouraged him to do more of the good investigations as well as mentoring and training more investigative journalists to shape society for the betterment of the country. The Executive Director as well noted that investigative journalism is the future of journalism and thus requires journalists that have received mentorship and training therefore highlighting the need for more resources towards the same cause. The African institute for Investigative journalism is an initiative by Solomon Serwanjja to provide a home to Investigative journalism on the African Continent and using investigative journalism as a tool of ensuring public accountability. The institute continues to call upon organizations in public, private and civil society to partner and handle a number of projects that include, investigative stories, and fellowships.