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Collaborative Reporting Program

About the Program

This program aims at creating a safe space that natures collaborations among investigative journalists in Uganda and African as a region. Through this program, we change the paradigm of competition in investigative journalism practice towards building bridges for cross-movement collaborations in the practice of investigative journalism. Through this program, AIIJ is able to bring together journalists, practitioners and media houses that focus on investigative stories to share best practices, opportunities and define concrete collaborative projects and programs of work. This programs interventions include: offering space for sharing and cross learning; identifying and introducing experts in the field to the practitioners; forming strategic national, regional and global alliances and partnerships; supporting cross media investigative projects and holding period Barrazas for practitioners. Through these interventions, AIIJ is able to define a collective journey and work that nurtures talent and maintaining strategic partnerships in the practice of investigative journalism. This program also offers opportunity for collective bargain and advocacy for investigative journalist’s rights.

Areas of Collaboration

Investigations, Research and Training