Investigative journalism in defense of public interest.

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Investigative journalism in the digital era

Investigative Journalists have played a significant and indispensable contribution to safeguarding rights and social and political change across Africa especially East Africa when the other institutions which would sustain democracy have failed.

In East Africa, the best known such reporters even though they are a handful, their impact has been felt strongly in bringing about social justice and accountability. However, we are living in an information age where investigative journalists, not just in Africa but also around the world are faced with a disruption in the way information is gathered, interpreted/processed and disseminated. There is a need to inspire a new crop of reporters who are dedicated to this kind of digging and delving using open digital sources, using digital tools to cause social justice and accountability.

Activity Photos

With partnership from The United States Agency for Global Media  we trained a cohort of 28 journalists from @standardkenya on investigative journalism in the face of the digital era.

The Fellows

The Trainers

Raymond Mujuni

Solomon Serwanjja

Annika McGinnis

Haley Willis

Vincent Ng’ethe

John-Allan Namu

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